Animals in Namibia

animals in namibia

Wildlife is very varied in animals in namibia and there are a lot of interesting animals to see. Apart from the famous ‘Big Five’, the country hosts some unique species like the oryx (also known as the gemsbok), a gray mammal with distinctive spiral-grooved horns and striped belly. This is Namibia’s national animal and can be seen in game reserves across the country.

The giraffe is another Namibian icon, surviving in the desert by closing its nostrils to keep out the sand and dust. You can spot giraffes in Etosha National Park, on private reserves in Kaokoland and Damaraland and also in Skeleton Coast National Park. The strange-looking aardvark is also common in Namibia and can be easily spotted by its long tubular snout.

Discovering the Diversity: Animals of Namibia

An opportunistic feeder, the black-backed jackal is a regular sight in most habitats of Namibia and can be heard calling at night in desert areas. The harvester termite is its favourite food but it will eat almost anything, including birds, scorpions and beetle larvae. The bat-eared fox is also widespread and often heard ‘listening’ with its ears whilst roaming, and digging with its forepaws to uncover termites.

In drier parts of the country, the secretive brown hyena is found and can be seen in many arid regions. It is a diurnal hunter and prefers to scavenge than kill, with its shaggy dark brown coat resembling a large German shepherd dog. The savanna leguaan, a water monitor, is common in the rivers and lakes of the north while geckos, chameleons and rock-plated lizards are abundant in the drier sand dunes.