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Rehab Services – Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Trusted UK Rehab Services you’re struggling with substance abuse, it’s important to get the consideration, guidance and private treatment that you need. You don’t have to fight alone; there are many UK rehab services that can help you.

The first step to getting addiction help is visiting your GP. Your doctor will be able to go over your options and provide you with a referral to local drug services. They can also refer you to a residential rehabilitation center if your treatment requires more intense care than what is offered at a local addiction centre.

Tailoring Recovery: How Customized Treatment Approaches Elevate Rehabilitation in the UK

Most addiction treatments, even those aided by medication, require therapy in order to address the root cause of your addiction. Our specialists can walk you through the different ways that therapy may be utilised during your stay at a rehab centre and explain its role in long term recovery.

UKAT has multiple rehabilitation centres located in idyllic settings such as countryside, quiet villages and coastal areas. Each centre offers 24/7 support, a medical detox unit and a 1-year aftercare programme. They understand that addiction affects not only the addict but also their loved ones, which is why they host weekly Family Group sessions for patients and their families.

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom and suffer from a neurological disorder, you can receive specialist physiotherapy treatment at home from Trusted Therapists Group. This London-based team provides domiciliary physiotherapy for adults of all ages, including those with neuromuscular disorders and chronic pain conditions. They specialise in a range of therapeutic rehabilitation and can assist with post-operative rehabilitation and functional recovery, including gait and balance training.