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Feminine Health at NIH

Feminine Health

The health of women affects all aspects of life. From physical, psychological and social factors that impact sexual health to mental wellbeing and the prevention of chronic diseases.

The NIH research agenda Get Flower Power includes women’s health, including reproductive health (contraception, fertility, and pregnancy), gynecological infections, menopause and female-specific conditions. In addition, women’s health also encompasses conditions that are characterized by sex-based differences, or by gender-based disparities in care.


A vaginal infection, a yeast infection or BV, can be very uncomfortable. The condition is caused by a buildup of bacteria in the vulva, which can irritate the skin and cause inflammation. To treat a vulvar infection, wipe it regularly with a sanitary pad or tampon and change it as necessary.

Debunking Common Myths About Feminine Health

Good vulva and vaginal hygiene isn’t as hard as you think. It’s simply about understanding your body and what works for you, says Dr. Millheiser, OB-GYN at Columbia University Medical Center. She advises women to avoid any products or practices that may alter the vulva’s natural microbiome or ph balance, such as doing “douching” or using a water-vinegar mixture.


A probiotic, such as AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM, can help restore the bacterial ecosystem of the vagina and promote healthy flora. It contains a unique blend of probiotic strains that are clinically proven to improve vaginal health in as little as 7 days. The blend helps the flora in the genitalia maintain their balance and reduce inflammation and discomfort associated with certain vulvar and vaginal infections.

How to Find the Best SEO Services in the UK

seo services uk

When searching for seo services uk | CandyMarketing, it’s important to find an agency that offers a variety of SEO and digital marketing services. These agencies have the expertise to help you rank higher in search engine results pages and drive traffic to your website.

The best SEO companies offer a full range of services including keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, link building, competitor analysis, and technical audits. They also offer content marketing and PR services.

Breakline Ltd provides specialized SEO, content marketing, and digital PR services. They’re based in Guildford, United Kingdom and have more than 10 employees. Their clients include broadband comparison platforms, medical device companies, and e-commerce websites.

Unlocking Your Website’s Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to SEO Services in the UK

Herdl is a PPC agency with a small team in Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom. They specialize in pay per click, search engine optimization, web design, and brand management. They’re helping an IT company improve their search engine rankings.

Front Page Advantage is an SEO agency with about 8 employees in Basingstoke, United Kingdom. They serve businesses in a variety of industries and focus on SEO, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics.

Accelerate Agency is a digital marketing agency in Bristol, United Kingdom with nine employees. They specialize in SEO, Google Analytics, conversion rate optimization, and Google AdWords. They also provide website development, paid social media, and online reputation management services.

Fat Fish Marketing is a digital marketing agency with fewer than 10 employees in Essex, United Kingdom. They work with a variety of small to mid-market clients in the education, travel, healthcare, and entertainment industries.

TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency

If you want to promote your brand on TikTok, it’s important to find a tiktok influencer marketing agency that understands how to get results. The best agencies will offer all the services you need for a successful campaign, from creative content to analytics reports.

How much does a TikTok agency coordinator get paid?

Influencers on TikTok are known for their creative freedom, which makes them a great resource for branded content. It’s essential to find influencers who fit the tone and style of your brand. Go here :

A good TikTok influencer marketing agency will have a specialized team that works with the most prominent and talented influencers on TikTok, helping them grow their following organically. They can also help you repurpose your TikTok video content on other social media channels, increasing engagement rates and driving conversions.

In addition to TikTok content, a good TikTok influencer marketing agency should be able to help you plan your paid ads and provide creative ideas for branded hashtag challenges. They’ll also help you manage your influencers and track their performance.

Contevo is a leading TikTok marketing agency that helps brands of all sizes with their TikTok marketing strategies and campaigns. They work with you to develop a strategy that meets your unique needs and is data-driven, which leads to measurable ROI. They also have a dedicated TikTok analytics dashboard so that you can monitor your campaigns in real-time and optimize them as needed.

Top 5 Garden Fence Ideas

It is important to have a functional, warm, and comfortable interior to feel good at home, but not only! Having a well-thought-out exterior is also a real asset. Every exterior detail is important, whether it’s a swimming pool, a garden shed, vegetation, or even the fence of a plot. Indeed, the fence makes it possible to delimit your plot from that of the neighbors or the public domain and contributes to the aesthetics of your home. That’s why we decided to share our top 5 garden fence ideas with you!

First step: find out

First of all, we advise you to inquire to know precisely what you have the right to do or not on your plot. Indeed, the PLU of your municipality may require you to make a prior declaration and may even require a particular height, materials, or color for your project. And if you are not informed before applying for your work permit, it may be refused.

This is why, before undertaking construction or renovation work on your fence, we advise you to obtain as much information as possible. To do this, you can send a town planning certificate file to your town hall.

The town planning certificate is an information document, not a town planning authorization. There is the operational town planning certificate. To obtain this information via the certificate, you must write and send a file to the town hall.

The masonry fence.

If no local planning rule is in force, then the height of your boundary wall will depend on the number of inhabitants of your municipality:

  • Less than 50,000 inhabitants. Your wall, including the coping (top of the roof-shaped wall), must be at least 2.60 m high.
  • 50,000 or more inhabitants. Your wall, including the coping, must respect a minimum height of 3.20 m.

You will have to make a prior declaration of work for your fence in these cases.

Gabion fence.

A gabion wall is a fence filled with stones (the term gabion comes from “gabion,” which means “cage” in Italian). Installation is quick and easy and requires very little maintenance.

The wooden fence.

This type of fence gives the whole exterior a more natural and warm effect. Species, shapes, and colors: Wood offers many possibilities and adapts to all budgets!

You can opt for an opaque palisade or, conversely, openwork panels to let in light and not completely partition off the space.

The plant fence.

The plant fence adapts to your desires and harmonizes the garden. Indeed, if you like vegetation, this option is preferred. Please note that this type of fence requires regular maintenance.

If there are no local rules, the minimum distance to respect from the neighboring land varies according to the height of your planting:

  • If the height of the planting is less than or equal to 2 m, the minimum distance to be respected at the border of the neighboring property is 0.5 m.
  • If the planting height is greater than 2 m, the minimum distance to be respected at the border of the neighboring property is 2 m.

The mesh fence, with or without a screen.

This fence is ideal if you just want to delimit your plot or if you want a temporary solution that requires little maintenance. You can then, if you wish, fix a screen (canisses or vegetation) to protect you from the vis-à-vis.

Be careful, though; your construction must not present a danger to your neighbors with, for example, barbed wire or poorly cut wire mesh.

Why Install A Fence?

The fence is an unmissable and essential part of exterior landscaping, and the fence sometimes has unsuspected attributes! We take stock with you of the advantages of this remarkable piece.

1- Protect your home:

A Family Standing on Grass for a Family PictureA fence defines the perimeter of your home and protects you from burglars. If you have children or animals, it is almost essential to have one installed to delimit the perimeter of the dwelling clearly and to prevent any road-related accident as much as possible. A fence also protects against unwanted intrusions: burglars, animals of all kinds.

Good to know: in the case of a burglary carried out in a property that is not protected by a fence, many insurance companies consider that the property was not sufficiently well protected, which can affect the smooth running of the usual procedures. Or simply lead to lower or no reimbursement.

2-: The fence gives you privacy:

Blackout fences at Clodéco allow you to obtain pleasant privacy in your garden and receive your family and friends in peace.

To know: not all types of fences conceal the same way. A wooden panel fence with blackout slats will let the day pass and give a more airy effect. It will not hide 100%, unlike a concrete fence or even a composite wooden fence which will not allow the slightest breath of wind or the smallest ray of light to pass through!

3: A must for exterior decoration:

Today, landscaping plays a significant role in the field of housing. Fences and gates are essential products for the harmony and beauty of your exterior and bring you added value in the long term. Matching them makes it possible to give your exterior a coherent and harmonious appearance. The fence is now widely considered an essential element in the design of your property. An elegant and sober fence with composite wood, a natural-looking fence with bamboo-colored rigid panels, or even a classy and refreshing look with the concrete fence: treat yourself to the style you dream of and design your outdoor space in the best possible way as personalized as possible for beautiful afternoons enjoying the sun.

4: Save space:

Even today, many individuals have vegetable hedges or aging fences (flexible or wooden fences most of the time). Hedges require significant maintenance and cost a lot of money in the long run. They are never immune to harmful bacteria or fatal diseases in a brief period of time. Aging fences have two problems: 1 – the height of old fences is on average 1m50, which is much less than the average of 1m80 required by individuals today to hide from their neighbor or the road! Therefore, it is useless to hide them: a quick glance from above is enough to give a full view of your exterior or your home.

5 – Install a fence with us

We offer a 100% turnkey solution for fans of a job well done and worry-free. In confidence with a single interlocutor throughout your project, you will benefit from advice and recommendations before validating your quote and thus really launching your landscaping project. You will have absolutely nothing more to do from this stage: We take care of everything! Remove your flexible fence or vegetable hedge if necessary, supply and installation of your new fence, cleaning the construction site, and resumption of contact post-construction: the only thing you will have to do is enjoy your new outdoor space in all tranquility.

Contact True Built Fencing, a fence contractor in Austin TX, and let professionals build your perfect fence.

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True Built Fencing
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How to Assemble a Project Team?

People in a MeetingHow do you go about assembling a team? What are some of the key considerations? How can you be sure that you have chosen “the best” people for your team?

Let’s take a look at these and other questions beginning with a brief discussion of why it is so important to get the right people on your project team and concluding with ten steps to putting together an effective group.

Let me begin by saying that I have not always been successful in assembling the ideal project teams, but over time I’ve learned something from my mistakes, as well as from carefully watching others who excel at building great teams. This stands in contrast to many managers who are either unaware of the impact people have on a project’s success or who choose to ignore it.

The following are ten steps I have found most helpful in assembling an effective project team:

  1. Define the skills and competencies you need to do the project successfully – If you don’t know what you need, how can you be sure that your people do?
  2. Identify individuals who have demonstrated success in these areas – Don’t rely on “paper” credentials alone. Instead, find out from colleagues or others familiar with them whether those whom you are considering possess the requisite skills and competencies.
  3. Acquire a thorough understanding of a candidate’s past performance – Try to talk with at least three references (preferably more) and ask specific questions about the candidate’s performance to determine whether his or her past performance is relevant and predictive of future success on your project.
  4. When selecting candidates, choose those who have demonstrated both competence (ability to perform the job) and character (willingness to do whatever it takes) – Competence alone may get you through the technical aspects of a project, but doing so with people that lack integrity will almost certainly cause more problems than it solves.
  5. When it comes down to two or more equally qualified individuals, choose the one whose personality style best fits what it will take for him or her to be successful in your organization – If Tom is as competent as Joe but not as well-liked by key project stakeholders such as your organization’s staff and customers, then go with Joe.
  6. Avoid “bolting” people onto your team – If you have an opening on your team, don’t recruit someone just because it seems like the thing to do. Instead, take the time to analyze whether or not he or she is a good fit for both you and your project before making any commitments.
  7. Make sure that every member of your team can fully support his or her part(s) of the project plan – In other words, if Fred is going to be responsible for end-to-end testing, make sure he isn’t also part of writing the test cases, has no other projects on his plate that may cause him to become distracted from this project, and so on.
  8. When assembling your team, strive to include at least one member who can add value in more than one way –Women Standing Beside a Man Using a Laptop For example, someone who is not only technically competent but also possesses a high degree of interpersonal skills would be useful for getting things done with people outside your group. In contrast, someone who has proven to be extremely competent in his or her area of expertise without being overbearing (i.e., arrogant) is equally valuable for reaching across organizational silos to gain support from others required for success.
  9. Whenever possible, try to assemble cross-functional teams – That is, groups whose members share the same priorities and goals will be more likely to work together seamlessly to achieve them than a team whose members come from different functional silos.
  10. When assembling your team, don’t just think about the now – Think also about what will happen when you need “new blood” to replace those who move on and/or retire. In other words, plan for the long term because otherwise, it may be short-lived.

How To Choose Composite Decking Fasteners

Closely associated with composite decking is the use of composite decking screws. These are special fasteners that have been made from metal alloys and polymers for ease of installation and resistance to corrosion. Composite screws are meant to be used on synthetic decks only, so do not make any attempt to use them when working on wooden decks or other surfaces.

The general size of these screws is 2 ½ inches long and about ¼ inch in diameter. According to manufacturers’ specifications, their thread length should be between 3/8th and 3/4th inch deep before they can be considered securely fastened into the surface you’re fixing them on.

Any good-quality composite screw will need an appropriate power driver to be inserted into them. The most commonly used power drivers are 18-volts, 25-volts, and 40-volts. These should be attached to a drill driver that has been specially designed for easy use with composite screws.

Some of the best known manufacturers of quality fasteners for all types of synthetic surfaces include:

The above list comprises only one company that produces such products. If you’re looking for more choices, visit your favorite online store and conduct a search using the keywords “composite decking fasteners” or “synthetic decking screws”. You will soon have a wide range of options from which you can select what is most suited to your needs.

In case you are working on a wooden deck, composite screws will not be the most suitable fasteners for use. As mentioned above, these products are meant to be used with synthetic decks only. Composite screw manufacturers have made their products with special features that make them fit these surfaces perfectly and also increase their life span.

Following are some of the things that you should know about using those products:

Before selecting your fasteners, it is important that you check if they can withstand the force needed during installation. You also need to see if they meet technical specifications for resistance to corrosion under heat and prolonged UV exposure.

If your product descriptions do not have such information, then you may want to look for synthetic decking fasteners from other brands. You need not worry, as the number of such products is quite high.

The next thing that concerns most people about using composite screws is their cost. The good news is that they are not expensive compared to other types of screws used in carpentry and construction-related industries. The average price for a pair of these screws ranges between $25-$50 depending on the model and type of material used during manufacture.

It also matters where you purchase your fasteners from. It’s best to buy them from suppliers who have earned a reputation over time for providing quality products at competitive prices.

The number of products available online is quite large, and so it may be difficult to know which ones are the best for you. Fortunately, in most cases, the majority of buyers leave public reviews on products that they have bought from suppliers with a proven reputation.

You can check these reviews before buying your own set of fasteners.

If you don’t feel comfortable purchasing fasteners online or if you’re not sure about your choice, then you should visit your local hardware store and ask them what types of composite screws they sell.

What Is Project Management Software For?

Looking  for project management software ? Project management plays a decisive role in companies. For example, through this process, it is possible to refine the results around the launch of a new product. The same happens in the case that the bet focuses on an innovative service. Specialized software is a tool that facilitates compliance with the different sections of this process thanks to its inherent characteristics.

We explain below how to manage a project. We specify how specialized project management tools help us. And, finally, we give you three examples of software that will make you an expert in this area in full expansion and boom.

Communication and monitoring, fundamental

This resource optimizes  time management  by achieving the intended purposes in the desired time. This is an agile methodology that facilitates the completion of this process. Something very important in a time like today. Digital transformation is a necessary mission in organizations. Communication is one of the most important elements in professional relationships and also in teamwork. It nurtures project management as a common thread that facilitates the exchange of ideas and mutual understanding.

Through software of this type, it is possible to keep an updated monitoring of the process. One of the advantages of using a resource of this type is being able to have a comprehensive vision of the general project, being able to establish a relationship between the totality and the particular nuances of that roadmap. In other words, thanks to this methodology, a team adopts a proactive and not reactive attitude in their daily work.

This decision making is based on reality itself thanks to feedback. Feedback obtained by reading the data provided by this tool. Thanks to this, the equipment also reduces the risk of error. Therefore, this type of resource represents a turning point in the way of organizing  teamwork .

What does a project management software control?

This is an internal collaboration tool, this strength makes the competitive difference in the use of this resource. In  project management, it  is essential that each participant knows what their main tasks are; as well as it is necessary that the main person in charge can delegate with confidence who is part of that team. However, everything must be perfectly clarified to avoid mistakes. Thanks to this coordinated planning, the team can travel the distance that separates the current scenario from that desired moment. That moment in which the project has been successfully completed.

In the realization of a project, as important as the general goal that has motivated the beginning of that process, is each specific goal. Each goal focused on the short term. For this reason, it is essential to follow the step by step of the temporal calendar that describes this evolution. By means of a software of this type, it is possible to give an order to that reality. How? Through the centralization of the various issues in the same operating point.

Anticipation is essential as a planning basis to get from the point of departure to the point of arrival. In addition, the use of  software  of this type also allows possible changes to be made in the process. For example, having observed a certain data. This flexibility is essential because it is impossible to predict reality from beginning to end in a general way. However, through the use of a medium for  project management , the company increases the level of influence in decision-making.

Bathroom shelves: which ones to choose?

Wooden shelves – classic, warm, and natural. They fit into eco and Scandinavian-style apartments.

Glass shelves – clear or milky glass. They give the impression of lightness.

Plastic shelves are inexpensive, durable, and easy to clean. They often have original design forms.

Metal shelves – openwork shelves for a shower cabin through which water flows freely. There can also be a smooth glass shelf on the metal frame under the mirror.

Tile Shelves – You can plan them for the final stage of the bathroom. They are in perfect harmony with the wall, so they do not optically reduce the interior. Colored mosaics or terracotta tiles are especially suitable for finishing cavities.

How to choose the shape of the bathroom shelf?

First, you should think about what functions the bath shelf should perform because its shape depends on it:

  • The shelf for bathroom accessories is most often in the form of a basket with numerous compartments, so you can conveniently place all cosmetics, sponges, and washcloths on it. 
  • A bathroom shelf with space for a book or crockery is a real delight while bathing. It is worth paying attention to the model with a folding stand. Thanks to this solution, you can enjoy your favorite reading without risking dropping the book into the water while swimming. There should also be room on the shelf for a cup of tea, coffee, chocolate, or a glass of wine. Swimming in such an environment allows you to fully enjoy the comfort. The bathroom shelf is usually made of wood, which adds to the coziness.

Any form of bathroom shelf must have adequate safety thresholds to keep objects out of the water. To precisely fit the shelf under the bathtub, it is worth choosing a model with adjustable width.

What material to choose a bathroom shelf from?

The spacious bathroom shelf with numerous compartments is a good substitute for small furniture for storing cosmetics. It also works great for bathing children and babies. The shelves are made of moisture-resistant materials:

  • The metal shelf is lightweight and takes up a minimum of space. The more expensive shelves are made from solid stainless steel and are cheaper than chrome or aluminum. The metal must be properly protected against corrosion.
  • Plastic shelf  – choosing a plastic model, you can forget about the dangers of moisture. However, it is worth paying attention to the high quality of the material and its scratch resistance. When this condition is met, the shelf has been successfully used for years.
  • Wooden Bathroom Shelf – Bamboo wood works best, which does not absorb water and is naturally moisture resistant. The great advantage of a wooden shelf is a very pleasant, warm color.

Bathroom shelf and room style

Bathroom shelves are not only a practical element of sanitary ware but also an important element of interior decoration. How to choose the best bathroom shelves and give your room a unique look. In the arrangement of a room, every detail matters and must create a holistic composition with other decorative elements. Here are some suggestions.

Nautical style bathroom shelf 

Marine motifs, traditional white and dark blue stripes on the walls bring a real holiday atmosphere to the bathroom. A shelf in a nautical style can not only be blue. It is worth reviving the arrangement of accessories in red, green, or yellow. Hanging shelves for bathrooms with unusual shapes, such as a lifebuoy or a hatch, are very popular. Unusual decoration can also be created by gluing shelves to the outer edge of the sink.

SPA style

A spa-style bathroom shelf – a room design associated with a beauty salon is a great way to unwind. Furniture and accessories made of high-quality wood should become its integral element. A unique atmosphere will give the room a feature of exotic woods, such as bamboo or teak. Regardless of their decorative properties, they will also be resistant to moisture and deformation.

Modern style

A metal or plastic shelf would be a good choice. The plastic model works great, but the color should match other accessories, such as rugs, soap dispensers, or toilet paper holders.

Scandinavian style

This style is best accomplished by placing a wood shelf, as the natural material will adorn the natural interior.

Vintage style

The glass bath shelf will blend in with the elegant decor. A model made of lacquered wood can also become an interesting accent.

Considering Composite: Simplified Decking

Composite roofing is made up of a mixture of man-made materials. It consists of a plastic and organic filler, requires no dye or paint, and is ready to install at the purchase time. Composite building materials need little maintenance and will generally last as long as regular wood. Not to mention, composite covers will not warp and are guaranteed to look good for quite some time. In the past, composite materials had a bad rap. The technology was not yet available to make composites approach the quality of wood. Today, composite decks have come a long way and are among the most popular materials to use as decking and widely used by deck builders pros.

Benefits of the composite platform

One of the main advantages of the installation of composite decks is the low maintenance to deck builders it entails. Unlike wooden decks, there is no need to stain or paint the composite surface. The natural wood deck also requires cleaning, which can be difficult given the material and location the deck is in. The composite deck just needs a quick rag and hosing down every now and then, and it should be fine for years.

Other composite benefits to consider:

  • Natural Materials – Many composite deck supplies use natural materials such as bamboo. This can help mitigate deforestation.
  • Eco-Friendly – Composites companies often make their materials using recycled products.
  • Attractive – Composite deck never looked better. Similar to wood, the materials are almost identical to natural wood from afar.
  • Protected from the elements – Composite wood decking is reasonably protected from environmental conditions and will not rot or split in unpredictable weather.
  • Warranty – Most composite deck materials will come with a 20-year warranty, giving you the flexibility you need if something goes wrong in the future.

Compound cons to consider:

  • Mold – Composite is known to cause mold, as can many other surfaces.
  • Cost – Composite is usually more expensive than natural wood.
  • Contains Plastic – Not everyone is a big fan of the fact that composite materials often contain plastic.
  • Unnatural Look – Composite looks realistic but doesn’t come close to the natural look of wood. It can also be scratched more severely than natural wood, unmasking your costume.