Four Tips For A Successful First Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is an essential sector for building up a real estate portfolio, whatever your life goals.

However, rental investment is not a simple formality.

It is essential to train upstream to acquire a piece of sufficient knowledge in the real estate field to make relevant decisions and achieve all your objectives.

This will allow you, depending on what you want to achieve, to:

  • Shelter your children
  • Make a lot of money (and there’s nothing wrong with that)
  • Build up a supplement to your retirement
  • Or even… take it well before the age of 60!

Turnkey rental investment

If you want to be supported in your real estate project from A to Z, we recommend Rental Investment, a company specializing in rental real estate investment.

Their team of real estate experts will take care of your entire project for you: search for the property, help with financing, plans, work, furnishings, and rental.

Prepare well before investing in real estate

As we formulated in the introduction of this article, it is imperative to be well prepared before investing in real estate.

First of all, you will have to lie down on a sheet of paper or type on the keyboard via a computer screen whatever you want, depending on your profile.

  • Is it to prepare for your retirement?
  • Build up significant capital?
  • Prepare for your children’s future?

Your answer is not necessarily unique, but the “why” that will result from it will greatly impact the way you invest.

The risks taken will probably not be the same if you already have children or live alone.

In any case, it will be necessary to make sure to identify all the possible pitfalls that could arise in your path as an investor.

Well, if we want to be completely honest with you, we could tell you that you will always have unforeseen circumstances in real estate.

The most important thing is to be ready and to anticipate the various costs :

  • Bank credit insurance
  • Notary fees
  • Unpaid rent
  • Unpaid rent insurance
  • Etc.

It is really bad omen to listen to real estate experts’ advice who tells you to go for the first opportunity that arises.

The investment in real estate is a long term project and is a long-term enrichment process.

Training to make your first real estate investment a success

You will find many quality online real estate training courses, not to mention books on the subject, to properly train you in this very particular methodology.

You also have the possibility of attending real estate seminars, to be in front of an expert who will answer all your questions.

We believe that you will have time to learn in detail the different specificities on the subject later:

  • The profitability of the property
  • Housing occupancy rate
  • Evolution of the neighborhood in which your potential asset is located
  • Etc.

Be aware of the risks inherent in rental property

While it is true that the real estate sector has had good years, many markets are now sluggish or subject to sharp declines, especially after the devastating Covid-19 crisis.

Because, like any investment, buying houses, apartments, or buildings to rent them out presents a risk.