Artificial Grass Kitchener

We’ve all seen artificial grass in sports stadiums, commercial properties and even the front yards of some retirement communities. However, this green alternative is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners from coast to coast as it provides an attractive landscape that doesn’t require watering and requires far less maintenance than real sod.

Artificial Grass Kitchener’s site is made of synthetic fibers that are stitched together and then machined to create a believable looking lawn. Its most important advantage is that it saves on water usage, which has become a significant concern due to drought and global climate concerns. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, replacing a natural lawn with turf can save a household about 22,000 gallons per year.

Other benefits include the fact that synthetic turf doesn’t need to be mowed, avoiding the use of electric or fossil fuel mowers. It also does not require fertilizers or herbicides, eliminating the need for these potentially harmful products. It is more resistant to weeds and other plant diseases as well. It is also durable enough to stand up to foot traffic and pets without damage.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips for Kitchener Homeowners

Despite the fact that synthetic turf does have a number of advantages, some people are still wary about it. Some are concerned that the grass may clog their stormwater drains, whereas others feel that it restricts access to the soil beneath for burrowing creatures and soil dwellers like worms. Some believe that the chemicals used in the manufacturing and installation of the grass can leach into groundwater and the environment.