Build A Garage: Advantages And Disadvantages

A garage is one of the most important parts of the house. Having one guarantees you and being able to store the car and protect it from high and low temperatures, additional space to the house where you can store things that you do not use often. Some garages are part of the house, they are on the ground floor, and everything is built simultaneously. However, sometimes the garage is attached to the house, forming part of an expansion project to take advantage of additional meters.

Expanding meters to the house implies giving much more functionality and comfort to those who live in it. But it is not as simple as it seems. Not only do you have to build an attached room, but you have to equip it with all the necessary services for its use. This means that the essential light and water installations must be carried out in a space such as a garage in addition to the ceiling and walls.

Advantages of making an attached garage

What does it cost to build a house? It is a question that many young people ask themselves every day. Sometimes the budget is not what we had thought, so some choose to make the garage in the second construction phase. This has some advantages over those who lift everything in one go.

  • The initial investment is less. If you are going to do new construction and do not have a garage, you will have a lower expense.
  • Less chance of theft. When doing an outbuilding, likely, you will not communicate with the house. If you did, you would have to open a space in the wall to make a door that allows passage from one place to another. This means that if thieves enter through the garage, they are much more likely to enter the house. Making a garage in the same phase as the house is practically certain that you will communicate them. In two different phases, it is more complicated.
  • Detached garages. Another option is to make the garage insulated. In this case, the advantage is that it will not affect the house’s facade, but there will be a small distance between the house and the garage. This implies that it can be used and a space to store cars, as a place to do noisy jobs (workshop type). With this type of annexed construction, we make sure that it will not affect the home in case of fire. Losses will be reduced to what was in the garage.

Disadvantages of an attached garage

However, delaying garage construction can also be inconvenient. Some of the aspects that you will have to assess will be these:

  • Different color. Even if you paint the garage the same color as the facade, the passage of time has probably already made it lose its original tone, so they will be different, something that will be aesthetically inelegant.
  • Greater economic investment. Before, we said that not doing the garage in the first phase implied less expense. But in the total calculation, making this stay in a subsequent phase will again imply having an architect design the project for us, which leads to double investment in architects (the initial one and the one now).

Wood Open Garages

But there is also another alternative to garages that are built in a phase other than housing. If the budget is not too much and you want to have a space to store your cars to protect them from inclement weather, you can make an open garage that requires less investment.

The installation is much faster and easier than if you had to do them on site. This type of garage is often built-in wood with modern and attractive finishes. In this case, the advantage is that in summer, in addition to being used as a garage, it can also be a meeting space for celebrations.

If you are going to opt for this possibility, keep in mind that the wood you choose is of quality to withstands the different temperatures well.

If you want to expand your house by building a garage attached to the facilities you already have, you can ask professionals in your area for quotes to start the reform as soon as possible.