Bathroom shelves: which ones to choose?

Wooden shelves – classic, warm, and natural. They fit into eco and Scandinavian-style apartments.

Glass shelves – clear or milky glass. They give the impression of lightness.

Plastic shelves are inexpensive, durable, and easy to clean. They often have original design forms.

Metal shelves – openwork shelves for a shower cabin through which water flows freely. There can also be a smooth glass shelf on the metal frame under the mirror.

Tile Shelves – You can plan them for the final stage of the bathroom. They are in perfect harmony with the wall, so they do not optically reduce the interior. Colored mosaics or terracotta tiles are especially suitable for finishing cavities.

How to choose the shape of the bathroom shelf?

First, you should think about what functions the bath shelf should perform because its shape depends on it:

  • The shelf for bathroom accessories is most often in the form of a basket with numerous compartments, so you can conveniently place all cosmetics, sponges, and washcloths on it. 
  • A bathroom shelf with space for a book or crockery is a real delight while bathing. It is worth paying attention to the model with a folding stand. Thanks to this solution, you can enjoy your favorite reading without risking dropping the book into the water while swimming. There should also be room on the shelf for a cup of tea, coffee, chocolate, or a glass of wine. Swimming in such an environment allows you to fully enjoy the comfort. The bathroom shelf is usually made of wood, which adds to the coziness.

Any form of bathroom shelf must have adequate safety thresholds to keep objects out of the water. To precisely fit the shelf under the bathtub, it is worth choosing a model with adjustable width.

What material to choose a bathroom shelf from?

The spacious bathroom shelf with numerous compartments is a good substitute for small furniture for storing cosmetics. It also works great for bathing children and babies. The shelves are made of moisture-resistant materials:

  • The metal shelf is lightweight and takes up a minimum of space. The more expensive shelves are made from solid stainless steel and are cheaper than chrome or aluminum. The metal must be properly protected against corrosion.
  • Plastic shelf  – choosing a plastic model, you can forget about the dangers of moisture. However, it is worth paying attention to the high quality of the material and its scratch resistance. When this condition is met, the shelf has been successfully used for years.
  • Wooden Bathroom Shelf – Bamboo wood works best, which does not absorb water and is naturally moisture resistant. The great advantage of a wooden shelf is a very pleasant, warm color.

Bathroom shelf and room style

Bathroom shelves are not only a practical element of sanitary ware but also an important element of interior decoration. How to choose the best bathroom shelves and give your room a unique look. In the arrangement of a room, every detail matters and must create a holistic composition with other decorative elements. Here are some suggestions.

Nautical style bathroom shelf 

Marine motifs, traditional white and dark blue stripes on the walls bring a real holiday atmosphere to the bathroom. A shelf in a nautical style can not only be blue. It is worth reviving the arrangement of accessories in red, green, or yellow. Hanging shelves for bathrooms with unusual shapes, such as a lifebuoy or a hatch, are very popular. Unusual decoration can also be created by gluing shelves to the outer edge of the sink.

SPA style

A spa-style bathroom shelf – a room design associated with a beauty salon is a great way to unwind. Furniture and accessories made of high-quality wood should become its integral element. A unique atmosphere will give the room a feature of exotic woods, such as bamboo or teak. Regardless of their decorative properties, they will also be resistant to moisture and deformation.

Modern style

A metal or plastic shelf would be a good choice. The plastic model works great, but the color should match other accessories, such as rugs, soap dispensers, or toilet paper holders.

Scandinavian style

This style is best accomplished by placing a wood shelf, as the natural material will adorn the natural interior.

Vintage style

The glass bath shelf will blend in with the elegant decor. A model made of lacquered wood can also become an interesting accent.

Linear Kitchens To Optimize Space

There are many models of kitchens. That you choose one or the other will be fundamentally conditioned for two reasons: the style you have in mind and the dimensions that the room has to adjust to it. On more than one occasion, we have talked about trends in the kitchen with the island, but this is possible in large enough to be able to put them.

In other cases, when the kitchen is small, you can choose to open it and join it with the adjoining room, thus giving a feeling of greater spaciousness. You can benefit from open kitchens in many ways and not just in space.

When it comes to a small kitchen, you have to take advantage of every corner to make it as usable as possible. That is why, in cases like these, linear kitchens are the best option. Putting everything on the same side of the kitchen will leave you free the other wall to, for example, install a folding table where you can eat when the time comes. In this case, neither L-shaped kitchens nor islands are recommended.

There are certain advantages to these types of kitchens online. Using only one wall with the essentials: hob, electrical appliances, and countertop, the rest of the walls will be free to use with alternative furniture (if, as we have said before, you do not want to leave it free). This will give your kitchen much more space.

On the other hand, the organization and the sense of order will be much easier in these modern elongated kitchens than when you have to move from one place to another to get everything you need. With this kitchen format, everything is much closer to hand, thus being more versatile.

Putting furniture up (making it fit our characteristics) will help make the most of a wall. You can also install storage furniture in the lower part that will allow you to store all kinds of utensils and food.

Online kitchens come especially well for those long kitchens (whether large or small), taking advantage of one side and leaving the other free space to walk around. With everything concentrated on one side, the remaining parts can be left unfurnished, making a small space seem larger than it really is.

However, it is always much more difficult to furnish a small kitchen than a large one. Errors in a smaller dimension can be much more serious than if it is a large one. Therefore, to avoid being innocent, you should avoid some errors that can cause its usefulness to be reduced.