Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam Insulation Contractor resists heat transfer from the outside air to the inside, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The energy-efficient insulation is a great alternative to fiberglass and cellulose. It reduces the workload of your HVAC system, which saves energy and money. It also improves indoor air quality by blocking toxins and allergens from making their way into your house.

Insulating your home with spray foam will lower your energy costs by a significant amount. This is because it helps to retain conditioned air for longer periods of time. Unlike traditional insulation, which only keeps your conditioned air at a certain temperature for short amounts of time, open and closed-cell spray foam will keep it cool for hours. This translates into fewer days that you will need to use your heater or AC, which results in substantial savings on your monthly electricity bills.

Spray Foam Insulation: An Eco-Friendly Choice for Olympia Residents

Besides reducing your energy bills, spray foam insulation also reduces noise pollution. Unlike other forms of insulation, both open and closed-cell spray foam are highly effective at absorbing sound waves. This means that if you live near busy streets or noisy neighbors, your house will become much more quiet and comfortable.

Unlike other types of insulation, which have to be installed in specific areas of your house, open and closed-cell spray foam can be applied throughout your home, including the attic. This makes it a great option for new construction homes and pole barns. Additionally, it can be used for remodeling projects to fill any gaps and crannies that might not be insulated otherwise.

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