Blog For Boat Owners

Whether a boat owner is into sailing and the calming nature of it or they prefer to captain a speedboat filled with all their friends, there are plenty of blogs available to keep them informed and engaged. Some of the most popular live aboard and cruising print publications have forums on their websites where they keep their readers updated about the adventures and mishaps they have while navigating their way around the world.More info

One of the best DIY boating blogs is The Virtual Boatyard, which has tutorials and tips on everything from rigging to engine maintenance and is very well written. Another great resource is Sailing Anarchy, a blog that is edited by Scot Tempesta and has a pretty no-nonsense approach to the sport of sailing. Their blog is updated frequently and they also have a Youtube channel that has fun videos of their experiences sailing.

Boat Ownership 101: Essential Resources and Tools for New Owners

Other boating blogs include a variety of topics ranging from family adventures to self-isolating on a boat. Tula’s Endless Summer is a great example of a fun and informative blog as they document their journey on their sailboat along with their YouTube channel. Another interesting blog is the Sailing Zatara, a family that has been traveling and living on their sailboat for several years now.

Boating dealerships can use their blog to showcase their events, special buying guides, and videos that may appeal to potential customers. Additionally, a blog post detailing how quickly the service department can fix an issue with a customer’s boat could alleviate their anxiety about having to take their boat somewhere else for repairs.