Japanese Knotweed Expert Witness

Japanese knotweed grows aggressively in disturbed areas and can grow quickly to 2.1m (7ft) tall, with hollow brown canes that resemble slim, desiccated fingers of bamboo. It out-competes native plants by shading and displacing them, altering the nutrient cycling of an area and using allelopathy (secreting chemicals that inhibit or deter the growth of other species). In urban areas, it can be a major nuisance as it erupts through cracks in walls, ruins foundations, encroaches on railway tracks, invades roadsides and pavements and can block sewers and waterways.

The good news is that it’s not impossible to get rid of japanese knotweed, and with the right treatment and persistence, a rhizome control programme can be delivered to any site. The key is to find a contractor that is creditworthy and able to offer insurance backed guarantees and client funded accounts to give you financial protection throughout the 3-5 year treatment process.

Expert Insights: The Science Behind Japanese Knotweed Removal

Our co-founder, Paul Beckett is renowned as the UK’s leading expert witness and has acted as a japanese knotweed expert in numerous high profile cases. He has been cross-examined in several courts and tribunals across the UK and Ireland. Nic Seal CEnv, FIEMA is also an experienced Japanese knotweed expert and has a unique ability to understand all the facts of a case and provide a clear professional opinion. He has provided expert witness services in a range of claims, including those related to encroachment, misrep and professional negligence, and is able to provide an impartial and independent opinion.